Recently I made my family blog private. I have seen a couple of friends do this great updater idea and so I copied it. Now, even though our blog is private, you can still see when I update it. Pretty cool!!! So this is our new blog updater! This is the perfect way to let everyone know that I have updated my blog, as well as a way for those that want to see my blog to be able to ask for an invite!

Just add this blog URL to your bloglist if you haven't already and each time I update our new private blog I will post on here letting everyone know! So leave a comment if you want an invite. Everyone that already asked for an invite to our old christensenpad blog, still has access. So no need to get another invite, but those who didn't leave a comment. Here is our new private blog address...

Friday, November 30, 2012

Sometimes I LIKE the Laundry....

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